Mission in pneumatics

Pneumission has the mission to supply a full range of pneumatic products including air preparation equipment (FRL), pneumatic cylinders, fittings and valves.

The mission of Pneumission is to maintain the highest quality level in Chinese Pneumatics. This quality you will find in our products like cycle time and high tech materials, and in Pneumission quality means also a smooth running communication, organized logistics and good handling of order through the whole process. We should understand our customers needs clearly. Our customers always come back  and give us repeating orders.

Pneumission is the number one Chinese Pneumatic Producer at this moment.

  • Our independent QC department has the highest standard in quality control based on international standards and is not located close to the factory on the other side of Xikou Town.
  • Our sales team has the highest level of English communication and is trained in pneumatics every day.
  • We have experienced technical engineers to support the sales team in the same office in Ningbo
  • Our prices are at a very competitive level because all our products are made in China.
  • Pneumission produces and supplies a full range of pneumatic products including air preparation equipment (FRL), pneumatic cylinders, grippers, rotary actuators, solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, mechanical valves, manual valves, fittings, air tube and more.
  • Pneumission only tells you what we do and how we do it, the best way.
  • We kindly invite you to visit our office and factory, come and see for yourself!

Contact Information:
Ningbo Pneumission Pneumatic Inc.
Building 7#, 555# Zhongxing E Rd, Xikou Town,
Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, zip code 315500
People’s Republic of China
Phone: 0086-0574-88872126

Please send us an email:  info@pneumission.com

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