80 procent of Pneumission Fitting production is sold without the Pneumission name.

It started with pneumatic push-in fittings with plastic body. This Asian style connector is the product with which we can show our higher quality easiest.

A long experience in production and high level in QC are the first steps.

But the demands of our “ private label” customers gave us the technical knowledge that lets Pneumission stands out. To produce the push inn fittings with the customer name, the brand and barcode and customer codes on the bags and boxes is not an easy thing to do. Pneumission does it best.

For example 1 of our customers/partners gave us a first “stock order”, it had over 1500 different code numbers.

That is a lot of work and many things can go wrong.

Now we supply several Big Pneumatic Brands with our plastic and brass fittings in many ways and many models.